Rustic Libations- Part 3

05 Oct

One of the oldest forms of alcoholic beverages is Wine. Originally the drink of common people and made cheaply, it has been elevated in recent history to become the beverage of high-class socialites and those with refined palates.

Don’t be afraid to explore your tastes in wine with this small primer of Rustic -Inspired wineries- it is only a drink, after all!

Small Boar makes Big Wines

Eberle Vineyards out of Paso Robles, California crafts award-winning wines- from the sweet Muscat Canelli (Best of Class, 2010 Ca. State Fair) to their bold Estate Cabernet (Gold Medal, SF Chronicle Wine Comp.) . Their rustic setting in California’s Central Coast, combined with their Redwood Tasting room and man-made aging caves, Eberle prides themselves on quality while still keeping in touch with their rugged roots. The winery name means “Little Boar” in German, and a bronze boar greets visitors at the tasting room doors. It is even rumored that their Cotes-du-Robles Red pairs wonderfully with game meats, especially wild pig!

Bears Like Chardonnay

Wooldridge Creek Winery in the Applegate Valley appellation of Oregon is a small-scale winery that produces limited quantities of wine from vines that live in the Winery’s namesake area. The Wooldridge Creek area is a corridor for wildlife- from songbirds and raccoons to deer and black bears. In fact, these Black Bears (one of which is featured on the label) own a few rows of unkempt Chardonnay vines that they like to munch on when the wild blackberries are consumed. The Turkeys are known to like the Merlot, and winery founder Ted Warrick has his hands full keeping the local critters away from his grapes during harvest season!

Ducky for Merlot in Napa

Duckhorn Vineyards of Napa California produces high-quality Bordeaux-Varietal wines, specializing in Merlots of amazing quality. Founded by Dan and Margaret Duckhorn in 1976, they have helped push the quality of California Merlots through the ranks- from being a blending grape for other varietals into a single-appelation and single grape wine with quality beyond compare. Their namesake allows them some creativity in their label designs- from their proprietary red blend Paraduxx (pair-of-ducks) to their affordable Decoy line and Goldeneye Pinot Noir, all feature beautiful waterfowl. The Duckhorn Wine Company also supports conservation of the wetlands of the Pacific flyway, where many of the ducks featured on their labels visit.

— This concludes the Rustic Libations series. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your tastes, and try all our suggestions- you may be surprised!


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