A Hunting Tool You May Not Be Aware Of

31 Aug

When it comes to hunting, every hunter dreams of taking that first shot and dropping his prey right then and there. But the reality is, not every shot made is a kill. Here is an easy way to help you on those long excursions to track down your wounded animal.

A spray bottle filled with Hydrogen Peroxide is a good tool to have when tracking down a wounded deer or other wild animal. When the blood gets sparse or to determine if it is actually blood you’re looking at, spray the Peroxide in the area in question. The Peroxide will foam up as it reacts with the blood leaving no doubt if you are on the right path to finding your deer. This acts as a great time saver when tracking down the animal is key to stopping it’s suffering. It also doubles as a cleansing agent for wounds you may encounter in the field. Peroxide is a cheap tool that can be easily added to your hunting pack and it can be found at any drug store as well as a small squirt bottle.

Happy Hunting!


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18 responses to “A Hunting Tool You May Not Be Aware Of

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