Bill Gates Pacific Lodge Style Home

12 Apr

This is the pacific lodge style home of Bill Gates and family. Amenities include:

-66,000 square feet
-60 foot swimming pool
-8 bedrooms
-2500 square foot gym
-library with a doomed roof

Guests wear pins that automatically adjust temperature, music and lighting when entering a room.  The house also features a 6,300 Sq Ft  garage that is built entirely underground of concrete and it can easily park 10 or more cars.

In terms of “rustic living” the home is constructed primarliy of timber, nearly 1/2 million board feet! The timbers are joined with stainless fittings that were flame-bronzed and anodized- for a nice rustic look.


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17 responses to “Bill Gates Pacific Lodge Style Home

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    May 25, 2010 at 2:53 pm

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