Fall Fire and Light

Fall Fire and Light

As the days darken, our minds turn to light in the evenings.  Whether it’s a fire outside or lighting within the home, fall means we want to turn it up.

Brightening the Home

Just because it gets dark earlier doesn’t mean that life stops.  You want to update your lighting so that not only will you have great light, but so your home has new life in the midst of the dying down of the year.

  • Rustic floor lamps will add more specific lighting to wide areas of your room.  As the nights darken, you can light the areas of the room you want.
  • Rustic chandeliers will brighten an entire room.  Banish those dark nights from your home in style.
  • Rustic wall sconces are perfect for adding focal lighting and adding drama to your room.  The lighting will be even more dramatic as the evenings dim.

Personal Lighting in the Home

How cozy is it when you can curl up with a good book as the evening falls?  There’s no better way than with rustic table lamps.  Whether you choose a lamp with a natural element like the Oak Leaf Tri-Base Table Lamp, or the cozy Iron Cabin Table Lamp with a nightlight, a rustic table lamp provides the light and ambience you want at just the right time.

Outdoor Light?

If you want to spend time outdoors in the evenings in the fall, you’ll want light.  As the days also cool, you may want heat too.  The perfect solution?  A Moose and Tree Patina Fire Pit.  Flames will give off the heat and light that we seem to crave in autumn.


Fall is the perfect time to update your lighting and make sure that you have sufficient light for the dark months ahead.  Whether brightening an entire room or reading a book, for indoors or out, make sure you have the right lighting for the job.

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How to Improve Your Patio with Unique, Rustic Decor

How to Improve Your Patio with Unique, Rustic Decor

If you love the great outdoors, but can’t get out to the country as much as you’d like, and even trips to your local parks and other outdoor activities have slowed due to a hectic schedule, you can still enjoy outside living at home. We spend so much time decorating the rooms in the interior of our homes that we often forget about setting up a comfortable outdoor space. Using unique, rustic decor on your patio will bring visual interest as well as make it feel as if you’re right in the midst of the country, no matter where you live.


The first thing you’ll need to select is proper seating. You don’t have to settle for ordinary chairs though. Rustic stump seating is distinctive and will always draw the eye. For the ultimate in comfort, try a rocking chair or two. If you’re interested in something truly unique, a glider bench made from ancient teak and rustic iron is the perfect addition. Imagine how relaxed you’ll feel, breathing in the fresh outdoor air while slowly rocking or gliding back and forth, after a busy day.


So you can enjoy your outdoor space even after dark, you’ll want proper lighting that matches your rustic decor. Post lights or lanterns are a good choice. Select from an antiquated type of style to a more authentic rural style to create the warm ambience you’re looking for. Depending on the design of your patio, outdoor hanging lights are also available, which provide a bit more of an elegant though still rustic appearance. With outdoor lighting, you’re able to enjoy a late-night meal or a get-together with family and friends, or you can simply sit alone and catch up on your reading in a serene atmosphere.


There’s no reason you can’t enjoy your patio even after the sun goes down and when the temperatures start to cool. Utilizing a fire pit will allow you to use your outdoor space for many more hours and days during the year. A stylish fire pit with detailed western cutouts adds more design interest than simply an ordinary fire pit. Choose a fire bowl with a dome for something truly out of the ordinary that will quickly become a focal point and a conversation piece among your neighbors.

Many options exist for creating a rustic patio setting. For more information and ideas, contact us today. We specialize in rustic furniture and accessories, rustic decor, rustic lighting and chandeliers, as well as western and wildlife art products. When you think rustic, think Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor. We can supply all of your needs!

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Unique Bathroom Decor

Unique Bathroom Decor

Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor has unique furniture for all of your home needs, but did you know we have your bathroom decor covered as well? One of the most difficult spaces to decorate is the bathroom. Here at Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor, we have your bathroom decorating solutions. With a few additions, you can make your bathroom space comfortable and attractive.


The vanity of the bathroom says it all. It sets the tone because what you choose to be your vanity is very much representing your style. We have a variety of items to suit your needs. Consider the Cedar Open Vanity options. The light cedar wood works well in any bathroom, and the shelf on the bottom is perfect for storage. If traditional design is more your style, check out our Barnwood Variety. The dark wood and rich accents work together to make your bathroom inviting. If you are in the mood for a regal looking bathroom, the Claudia Vanity Sink is sure to impress. The cabinet space will delight any practical homeowner, and the beautiful textures in the wood will give buyers the royal treatment.

Towel Bar Options

When decorating your bathroom, do not overlook the towel bar. We have so many interesting choices to really show off your home’s style. The Fish Metal Towel Ring is one example of the fun you could have with our bathroom accessories. If you fancy the traditional look, consider  the Cedar Towel Bar or the Pine Towel Stand. Our towel bar and stand selection is authentic and one-of-a-kind.

Shower Curtains

The shower curtain of the bathroom does more than just keep water in the tub, it is essential to the art of the space. Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor has the perfect curtain for your home. For homeowners who love to camp, the  Gone Fishing shower curtain is the perfect finishing touch for a rustic look. We have designed decorative natural shower curtains like the Autumn Leaves or Butterfly Kisses that bring light and personality to your space. No matter your style, we’ve got a shower curtain to enhance it.

The Bathroom Design

One of the most important rooms in a home is the bathroom. Guests will be delighted by the unique decor. Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor has the perfect look for your home’s bathroom.

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Inspiration for Your Cabin Bedroom!

Inspiration for Your Cabin Bedroom!

If you’re a cabin owner, you want to make your interior feel rustic, yet comfortable.  You’ll need cabin furniture for your bedroom that fits your style and that of your cabin.  So what kind of bed do you want?  Let’s take a look at some inspiring bedrooms to help you decide.

Glamour in the Woods

If you’re going for glamour, this room delivers.  With a beautiful twig bed, a gorgeous chandelier-style ceiling fan, and an amazing view with a private patio, you’re sure to find some inspiration in this one-of-a-kind bedroom.  A twig bed inserts itself into the atmosphere and declares that it belongs here in a very comfortable way.

Wood Meets Metal

In a light airy cabin, a sweep of metal lifts the room in a breezy way.  The curving metal of the bed draws the eye’s attention to the room in a way no other design can.  In addition to drawing the eye, it also doesn’t draw away from the bed itself.  It’s the perfect fusion of structure and style.

Wildlife in the Wild

A wildlife themed bedroom seems almost cliche, but in a cabin, it just works.  How better to bring the outside in?  How inspiring for the rest of your room when you start with a bed that brings nature to the fore? Paired with natural materials like wood or stone, it’s hard to imagine a wildlife bed anywhere else.

We hope you gained some insight with the inspiration we provided today.  There are many styles one can achieve in a cabin, from full-on country, to full-on glamour.  Which one works for you?  When you start with your rustic bed, the rest will fall into place.


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September in the Rocky Mountains

September in the Rocky Mountains

There’s nothing like September in the Rockies, especially if you’re lucky enough to live here in your own beautiful Rocky Mountain cabin. Cooler air is moving in and the Aspens are beginning cloak themselves in their glorious golden fall color. It’s a time for gathering with family and friends and enjoying life in one of the nation’s most ruggedly beautiful regions.

The Great Outdoors

September is the perfect time to enjoy the end of season wildflowers and grasses in your backyard, to gather around the fire pit in the evenings after supper and savor summer’s last days and usher in the fall weather.

Shorter Days

Night is falling a little earlier these days, signaling the coming of fall and the time to start thinking aboutgearing up for the long winter ahead. Although a part of us hates to see the summer go, another part welcomes the change of seasons and the natural sights and traditions that accompany fall in the mountains.

Harvest Meals

September is a great time to savor the last outdoor family meals and barbecues, and the last of the fresh fruits and veggies of the season. As the month that officially ends summer and welcomes fall, it’s a time of transitions, of endings and new beginnings alike. A truly special month to feel thankful for the beauty of nature and the blessings of family, and to look forward to back-to-school days, the crispness of fall, and the snowy winter that’s not far behind. There’s nothing quite like September in the Rockies!


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September Full of Light and Color

September Full of Light and Color

“How beautiful the leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days.” (John Burroughs)  Well said and worth appreciating. The vistas in September and October are spectacular, and short-lived . Savor the moments and revel in the magic ; maybe on your front porch in a handcraftedAdirondack rocking chair. Bring some of the colors of the season indoors.  Cuttings of tree branches teeming with leaves in all their splendor makes a stunning table arrangement.

Now would be the time to soak up all of sights, sounds and tastes of the season; get outdoors with the family and take a hike, play some flag football and work up an appetite for a delicious baked acorn squash. Did you know that  September is National Honey Month? This is the perfect time to incorporate some of the many varied flavors of honey into your culinary palate.

As summer comes to a close, these cooler days are perfect for some fall gardening chores. Winterize your flower beds;clean out the weeds, divide your perennials, and plant those spring flower bulbs. This is also the time to bring in any of your houseplants that were summering on the porch. Why not add to the enjoyment of your garden by adding a custom-made garden bench?

As the school year begins, most retailers have sales on “school supplies”. This is the perfect time to stock up on stationery items that you will use all year.

Make the most of the season that poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow called “Magnificent”. You will be glad you did.

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How we can help your family make the most out of the Dog Days of Summer

How we can help your family make the most out of the Dog Days of Summer

Although it isn’t the most popular season of the year, it is hard to argue against summer being the most anticipated season of the year, especially by the younger generations. So if you have a family, particularly younger children, the anticipation for summer in your home, can be an exciting time.

With so much technology advancement today – both for adults and our children – it is exceptionally difficult for us to find that elusive balance between exploring opportunities those advancements may provide for us, engaging in all the various social networks they’ve brought us and in finding the commitment to shut everything off to ensure that you make time for being a family every day, without the electronic devices and the distractions they create.

Whether you have only one toddler or three teenagers and a college student – even if you don’t have children yet, you are still a part of a family – the time spent with your family are seconds turned into moments that turn into the most cherished of our memories. Those memories turn into photographs in our minds over time and someday turn into all we have left.

That’s why we want to help make those cherished memories with the family that you love, more enjoyable than ever on these long Dog Days of Summer.

There is nothing so passionate as a sibling rivalry and what better way to entertain your afternoons than being outside with your family, playing a competitive game of pool, under a gazebos or tent; with the smell of the BBQ grill teasing your empty stomachs?

And we have everything you’ll need to make that happen.

One of our most beautiful items is a gorgeous barn wood pool table. It’s built with authentic, reclaimed red oak planks, from the tobacco barns of the 1800’s. It also features a clear coat for extra durability. Each piece is individually handcrafted and comes with an eight foot regulation table, one inch thick slate top, and hand sewn leather pockets. The ball sights are standard, featuring antique buffalo nickles. We also offer our limited lifetime warranty on all of our merchandise.

We have several different styles of pool tables, poker tables and chess tables, that would give any yard character and charm. While also encouraging family fun.

Go to and find your favorite today! Add some fun to your Dog Days of Summer. Enjoy the outdoors with those you love.

Go on over to and start making those cherished memories with your family today!!

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