The Perks of New Decor for the New Year

The Perks of New Decor for the New Year

The holidays have passed us, and 2017 is a new year. The cold air of winter has many of us spending more time indoors than we might like. To make the best of these times, why not try out some New Decor for the New Year? We offer a variety of rustic decor that can help you give your home a fresh and cozy feel that’s customized to your liking. Start the year off right by modifying your environment to be aesthetically pleasing to you! You will be spending a lot of time in your home, so, make it nice for yourself.

Here at Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor, we are proud to offer products that bring the beauty of nature into our homes… products that creatively weave nature into what may otherwise be mundane household necessities. Take our Iron Stack with Braided Wire Accent Lamp for example. Why not try this as a replacement for the ordinary reading lamp you have next to your comfy livingroom chair?  Now, imagine sitting down in your comfortable chair with a warm cup of cocoa on a cold February day. You will undoubtedly stop to appreciate the intricacy of this lamp with it’s handcrafted lamp shade. Again, what we love about natural decor is that it gets people to forget about day-to-day stress for a moment and appreciate natural beauty

We have a plethora of products such as this to choose from. If you have a particular fondness for wildlife, take a look at our Bayfield Bear & Moose Bedding Collection and consider adding some character to your bedroom. Or, consider some of our rustic metal wall art. The majestic scenes in these pieces will spark your imagination, evoke memories of the outdoors, and inspire you to get outside when the warm weather returns (or sooner if you’re brave!).

So, we encourage you to get a good start to 2017 by trying out some new items in your home. Customize the aesthetics of your environment to keep you in good spirits all your long!

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Winter: The Magical Season

Winter: The Magical Season

The trees are bare and the chill is in the air. Winter is coming, and every living thing is busy preparing for the onset of frigid temperatures and a snow-covered landscape. The squirrels are gathering and hoarding a hearty supply of food, bears are preparing to hibernate, and we humans are gearing up as well — pulling out the heavy blankets, cleaning the chimney so we can fire up the wood stove or build crackling fires in the fireplace on bone-chilling evenings, and planning for the holidays. The nights are already long and cold!

The first celebration of winter will be upon us in mere weeks, and we’re busy making gift lists, gathering fragrant greenery to “deck the halls”, and deciding where we’ll put the Christmas tree this year. It’s a magical time!

If you’re having company this Christmas, you’ll want your house to look its best, so now’s the time to stock up on candles and candle holders, decorative throw pillows to cozy up the living room, and new bedding for the guest room for your overnight guests. And if you’re having trouble deciding on something extra-special to give your in-laws, your neighbor or your friends, be sure to browse through Rocky Mountain Decor’s selection of unique Christmas gift ideas! (We even have gift certificates in several denominations so they can pick out their gifts themselves.) And for goodness sake, don’t forget to pick up something for your best friend — you know, the one that eats out of a bowl on the kitchen floor?

Rocky Mountain Decor let you decorate in the rustic style you love, a style that’s oh-so-perfect for winter, whether you live in the Rockies or anywhere else in this beautiful country!


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Christmas Fireplaces and Rustic Decor

Christmas Fireplaces and Rustic Decor

With cold weather already knocking on your cabin door, it may be a good time spruce up the trusty fireplace. If you haven’t done so already, make sure that the fireplace and chimney have been properly cleaned of any built up soot.  There are cleaning logs that, when burned clear up dangerous creosote. Though, if your chimney needs more intensive cleaning, you can always contact a chimney sweep service.

Once you’ve properly cleaned the fireplace and chimney, you can always add some special touches, especially with Christmas rapidly approaching. While anytime is a good time to gather around the fire, Christmas may be the best time. There’s holiday story time, drinking hot chocolate, and of course hanging your stockings on the mantle. The fireplace is also a wonderful setting for Christmas pictures and opening gifts.

One effective but easy way to freshen up your fireplace is by adding a new screen. Not only does it shield small children and pets from the flames, it adds a decorative touch that can freshen up the entire room. A new hearth rug and fireplace back and also add a fresh, new look.

While fireplaces are quintessential to rustic decor they can cause the room to feel a bit dry, not a feeling you want especially if you have a live Christmas tree in the same room. A steamer is a wonderful alternative to humidifiers. They’re much more decorative than humidifiers, as they come in a variety of styles and colors, making them enhance the room rather than detract from it.  You can also add potpourri for a lovely, holiday scent.

Christmas is a busy time, so let us help you make special memories with your family and friends.


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Your Rustic Fall Bedroom

Your Rustic Fall Bedroom

Ah, fall.  Who doesn’t love the crisp feeling of the air when walking through the woods in the fall?  Apples, pumpkins, and the fall harvest are all a part of what we love about fall.  Can you bring that autumn feeling into your bedroom?

Snuggle In

Do you ever want to get out of bed in the morning when you feel that chill in the air?  Fall is in full swing, and you want your bedding to be as cozy as can be as you face the prospect of a long, cold winter.

The easiest way to transform your bedroom for the fall is to switch out the bedding.  Whether this is with a down comforter or simply a fall or winter themed set, you’ll love snuggling in when it’s chilly outside.  Our Wilderness Ridge set is the perfect example.  Whether it’s a cozy knit throw or a warm-colored pillow sham or throw pillow, your room will be instantly ready for fall.

Warm It Up

You can easily change up your bedroom by putting up warm curtains.  This will have the benefits of keeping the room literally warmer, and cozying up the room with warm tones.

A curtain set like the Wilderness Ridge collection does just that.  The demin weight cotton curtain will keep the sun out in the early morning, while the tie-back will let the light pour in when you want it.

There is nothing like sleeping in the fall, all snug in a warm bed while the outside world gets frosty.  You can make it even better by making a few changes to really enjoy that fall feeling.

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A Few Things About Cabin Furniture that You Should Really Know for the Holidays

A Few Things About Cabin Furniture that You Should Really Know for the Holidays

The method for creating the perfect rustic look comes down to styling with unique decor. You want cabin furniture that fashions a dramatic effect with natural objects and warm themes. Basically, you want furniture that is sturdy, robust, and rugged. Skip anything dainty or fussy as it will get lost in or clash with common rustic architectural features, such as wide-plank wood floors, weathered ceiling beams, and paneled walls. Knowledge is power, as the old saying goes, and that’s certainly true about cabin furniture. Here are a few things that you should know when it comes to seasonal rustic decor.

As we mentioned, layers of complicated patterns will make cabin decor too busy. Stick to simple designs in textiles. If you’re looking to use patterns, choose neutral colors to create a warm and cozy environment. Great patterns to consider are pine cones, bears, moose, deer, Aztec, camouflage, fish, leaves, horses, etc. To spice it up a bit for the holidays, try festive patterns like snowflakes, maple leaves, mistletoe, holly, pumpkins, cranberries, and more.

In cabin furniture, size does matter. You want items that are large in scale and weighty. Think about a leather couch, canopied four-poster beds, and a dining table that seats more than four. Also, consider rough materials like metals and woods. If your furniture is lacking in holiday spirit, accent it with rugs, throws, blankets, and pillows.

Found objects are a suitable way to accent your pastoral home. Twigs, tree stumps, dried leaves, nuts, acorns, and strips of bark can be used as accents. Bring the outside inside with murals or wallpaper that display a wildlife scene, candle holders that resemble branches, and chandeliers made out of antlers. There are many ways to utilize holiday knickknacks, like squirrel salt and pepper shakers, acorn bookends, pine cone stamped dinnerware, a lighted stained glass window lamp, etc. Themed found objects give joyous occasions that extra oomph.

A fireplace will literally warm up your rustic theme. If a fireplace isn’t for you, there are other ways to get that camp fire feel. A fire pit, candles, or lighting can create a welcoming ambiance during the holidays.

If it’s not cozy, it’s not a cottage. But remember to make it your own. It’s important to keep an open mind when dealing with such a specific style. Don’t be afraid to wander off the beaten path a bit with vintage items, collections, or homemade crafts. Live like Valentino Rossi,”My normal life is like being on holiday.”

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Recreating an Old West Saloon in Your Home with Rustic Decor

Recreating an Old West Saloon in Your Home with Rustic Decor

If you love the Old West, imagine how much you would enjoy having a western-looking saloon right in your own home. You, your family, and all of your friends and neighbors will fall in love with therustic decor and want to gather often at your home for drinks and lively conversation.

Whether you have a spare room to use for your saloon, an empty space in your family room, a section in your basement, or some other appropriate spot, setting up your saloon is easier than you might think. Simply use the proper, rustic decor when recreating your Old West gathering spot.

Here are a few ideas for recreating the look of a western saloon:

Bar Area

The first step is to decide on the bar itself. You can go large or small with your bar, depending on space. For a larger set up, consider a barnwood bar with a foot rail to bring back the true look of the Old West. For a smaller set up, a frontier bar is a good choice with its antique wagon wheel design. You can leave the front of the bar open for optimal standing space or choose any rustic, backless set of bar stools for more comfort.

Other Seating

If you have the room, setting up additional seating near your bar area will make your saloon look more inviting. One or more octagon tables made from reclaimed wood with matching chairs will give you an area to play cards or board games or just a comfortable place to sit for drinks and snacks.


No western saloon would be complete without the proper accessories. Set a mini whiskey barrel atop your bar for a more authentic look. Fill the nearby walls with vintage signs and wall art. Include abarnwood rack on the wall to give your friends a place to hang their coats. A personalized wine barrel sign will complete the look.

With very little effort, you can have a fun and unique saloon right in your own home that you’ll use for years to come. Contact us for many more ideas about rustic decor. We specialize in rustic furniture, accessories, lighting, and western art products that can transform your house into a country-style dream home!

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Fall Fire and Light

Fall Fire and Light

As the days darken, our minds turn to light in the evenings.  Whether it’s a fire outside or lighting within the home, fall means we want to turn it up.

Brightening the Home

Just because it gets dark earlier doesn’t mean that life stops.  You want to update your lighting so that not only will you have great light, but so your home has new life in the midst of the dying down of the year.

  • Rustic floor lamps will add more specific lighting to wide areas of your room.  As the nights darken, you can light the areas of the room you want.
  • Rustic chandeliers will brighten an entire room.  Banish those dark nights from your home in style.
  • Rustic wall sconces are perfect for adding focal lighting and adding drama to your room.  The lighting will be even more dramatic as the evenings dim.

Personal Lighting in the Home

How cozy is it when you can curl up with a good book as the evening falls?  There’s no better way than with rustic table lamps.  Whether you choose a lamp with a natural element like the Oak Leaf Tri-Base Table Lamp, or the cozy Iron Cabin Table Lamp with a nightlight, a rustic table lamp provides the light and ambience you want at just the right time.

Outdoor Light?

If you want to spend time outdoors in the evenings in the fall, you’ll want light.  As the days also cool, you may want heat too.  The perfect solution?  A Moose and Tree Patina Fire Pit.  Flames will give off the heat and light that we seem to crave in autumn.


Fall is the perfect time to update your lighting and make sure that you have sufficient light for the dark months ahead.  Whether brightening an entire room or reading a book, for indoors or out, make sure you have the right lighting for the job.

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